Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a relatively new term that refers to stories that include multimedia elements such as photographs, videos, sounds, texts, and also narrative voices, and this has found its way into the classroom in a number of contexts.

Drama in education

Drama in Education also referred to as Creative Drama or Process Drama, is a pedagogical process that seeks to balance both the form and content of drama.

Folks and Fairy tales

Diverse project uses as a starting point fairy tales and folk tales from the oral tradition of the culture of the child with refugee/ migrant/ minority background and design different activities on the basis of it

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DIVERSE Final Conference

42 participants from 6 EU countries met in February, in Bucharest, to discuss diversity in education and future policy proposals. Teachers, trainers, project managers, youth workers, head masters and policy …

DIVERSE International Training

Teachers from 15 different countries have participated in the online International Training Course which was organised from mid-January until the beginning of February 2022 in English. The trainee teachers have …

Online workshop on Drama in Education

Teachers from 10 countries from the US to Australia, working with Hungarian minority children participated in InSite Drama‘s online workshop on Drama in Education methodology from the Diverse handbook.