Target Groups

Diverse Project benefited directly the teachers who are teaching in multicultural schools, equipped them with different tools that they can use to improve the promotion and management of diversity in multicultural classes and the children themselves, allowed them to learn in ways more aligned to their needs. The impact on children over the course of the project was significant and 9.000 children were involved in these alternative learning activities during the implementation phase.

These children are the children that attend multicultural classes (belonging either to the mainstream community or having refugee/ migrant/ minority background). Indirectly the project had a significant impact also to other target groups such as schools, school authorities, parents, academics etc.

“Education is the single most effective instrument for social integration”

The challenge that the project addressed is an urgent one in the participating countries. Refugee children or children with migrant/ minority background that have cultural differences from mainstream society and who do not speak very well the language of the host country are at greater risk of lagging behind compared with their colleagues in the elementary school.

If these children are left behind then they are in danger of losing interest in school and subsequent risks of dropping out of school early, social exclusion and inequality increases. Education is the single most effective instrument for social integration and therefore it is crucial to adapt pedagogical approaches and tools which will result in better educational achievements and better adaptation to the new social environment.