Teacher Training Workshops

542 teachers have participated in different teacher training workshops which were organised online throughout the project period. The teacher training workshops were organised at national and European level and the participants were really enthusiastic about them. They have developed a lot of skills including: recognise and respond to the communicative and cultural aspects of language(s) used in school, motivate all pupils to engage in learning, organise collaborative learning. Each training workshop lasted for 30 hours.


The training in Hungary took place online in April and May 2021 with the participation of 51 teachers. InSite Drama extended their online trainings over five weeks so teachers had the chance to implement the DIVERSE methods during the course. The teachers appreciated that the course addressed working with drama methods ONLINE as well: “I learnt a lot during the fantastically well structured sessions.” “It was especially useful that we learned a lot about using online spaces through trying things out!”

Comments of the teachers participation in the workshop in Hungary


In Italy, the teacher training workshop was organised in March and April 2021 with the participation of 64 teachers. The course was accredited on the SOFIA – Miur platform of the Italian Ministry of Education and issued a certificate for the Teacher Training and Refresher Plan. It was advertised in the biggest Italian educational portals.

Participants in the Italian course
Poster for the Italian course


In Bulgaria, the training was organised in April 2021 with the participation of 56 teachers which came from different parts of the country. The training was organised for 3 weeks and allowed the participants to learn and exchange experience in relation with the methods.

Participants in the Bulgarian Training
Screen shot of the Bulgarian Course


In Spain, the teacher training workshop was organised in April 2021 with the participation of 22 teachers from the region of Catalonia.

Presentation of the DIVERSE project in the framework of the teacher training in Spain
Talking about Fairy Tales that talk about Doversity in the Spanish teacher trainign workshop


The online training workshop in Greece began on Monday the 22d of March. For 3 weeks, 212 teachers in 2 parallel groups from all over Greece along with 16 Trainers were trained in the 3 Narrative Methods of DIVERSE project.

Training teachers on Digital Storytelling and Scratch in Greece


In Romania, the training was organised in March 2021 with the participation of 137 teachers, mostly belonging to the teacher network of GEYC. The courses took place online but printed material was sent to all the participants.

Participants in the course in Romania

International Training

On January and February 2022, an online international training of teachers (in English) was organised with the participation of teachers from the partner countries but also from 9 countries beyond the partnership (Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Mexico, Moldova, Philippines, Slovenia, Turkey). Around 70 teachers registered to participate in the training.

Creative Narration of Fairy Tales in the International Training

Evento Eduteka 2021

On October 13, 14 and 15, the UdiGitaledu group of the Universitat de Girona, with the help of trainers trained during the DIVERSE project, conducted three sessions consisting of workshops on the three methods of the project: Drama, Tales and Digital Storytelling. This happened in the framework of the “Evento Eduteka 2021″. About eighty educators from Colombia and Spain actively participated, and then have been implementing activities with their students in the classrooms

Teachers working with Hungarian minority

Teachers from 10 countries from the US to Australia, working with Hungarian minority children participated in InSite Drama‘s online workshop on Drama in Education methodology from the Diverse handbook.